EECS research spans a wide range of disciplines essential to the growing information technology field.  Our faculty are organized into three academic divisions, and several have overlapping affiliations.


Research in Electrical Engineering includes solid-state devices, quantum electronics, electronic materials, fiber optics, lasers, optical materials, nanophotonics, spintronics, microwave and electromagnetic theory, computational electromagnetics, communication systems and networks, information theory and coding, detection and estimation theory, control and large-scale systems, digital circuits, digital signal processing, image, speech, acoustic, and tactile processing, computer vision and robotics, ultrasonics, and biomedical electronics.

EE Division Faculty

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  • Koray Aydin
  • Randall Berry (Secondary in CS)
  • Arthur Butz
  • Randy Freeman
  • Matthew Grayson
  • Dongning Guo
  • Seng-Tiong Ho
  • Michael Honig
  • Aggelos Katsaggelos (Secondary in CS)
  • Prem Kumar
  • CC Lee
  • Chang Liu (50% ME)
  • Hooman Mohseni
  • Thrasyvoulos Pappas
  • Manijeh Razeghi
  • Alan Sahakian (Secondary in CE)
  • Selim Shahriar
  • Allen Taflove
  • Ying Wu
  • Horace Yuen

Faculty with a Secondary Affiliation in the EE Division

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  • Oliver Cossairt
  • Bryan Pardo
  • Jack Tumblin
  • Chi-Haur Wu

Research in Computer Engineering includes computer systems, computer architecture, distributed and parallel systems, parallel processing, parallel algorithms, computer networks, hardware software interaction, VLSI design, embedded systems, numerical analysis, systems simulation, robotics, neural networks, switching networks and large-scale systems

CE Division Faculty

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  • Alok Choudhary (Secondary in CS)
  • Nikos Hardavellas (Secondary in CS)
  • Larry Henschen
  • Russ Joseph (Secondary in CS)
  • Gokhan Memik (Secondary in CS)
  • Seda Ogrenci Memik
  • Chi-Haur Wu (Secondary in EE)
  • Hai Zhou (Secondary in CS)

Faculty with a Secondary Affiliation in the CE Division

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  • Yan Chen
  • Peter Dinda
  • Alan Sahakian


Research in Computer Science involves artificial intelligence, including models of memory and reasoning, knowledge representation, natural language understanding, planning, and problem solving; human computer interaction; distributed interactive systems; theoretical computer science, focusing on algorithm design and analysis; "frictionless" proactive context and task-sensitive information retrieval systems; distributed and real-time systems, networks, performance analysis, prediction and scheduling, Internet and grid application development; and computer graphics and human computer interfaces for spatial applications, visualization and computer entertainment.

CS Division Faculty

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  • Brenna Argall (joint with RIC)
  • Larry Birnbaum
  • Fabian Bustamante
  • Yan Chen (secondary in CE)
  • Ollie Cossairt
  • Peter Dinda (secondary in CE)
  • Doug Downey
  • Robby Findler
  • Ken Forbus
  • Kris Hammond
  • Jason Hartline
  • Mike Horn (50% in SESP)
  • Ian Horswill
  • Ming Kao
  • Aleksandar Kuzmanovic
  • Wei-Chung Lin
  • Bryan Pardo (secondary in EE)
  • Chris Riesbeck
  • Goce Trajcevski
  • Jack Tumblin (secondary in EE)
  • Uri Wilensky (80% in SESP)
  • Haoqi Zhang (joint with Segal)

Faculty with Secondary Affiliation in the CS Division 

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  • Randy Berry
  • Alok Choudhary
  • Nikos Hardavellas
  • Larry Henschen
  • Aggelos Katsaggelos
  • Gokhan Memik
  • Thrasyvoulos Pappas
  • Hai Zhou