QRGHeaded by Kenneth D. Forbus and Tom Hinrichs

The Qualitative Reasoning Group conducts research on efforts to both create new kinds of cognitive systems and model human cognition. We have strong collaborations with other cognitive scientists in a number of fields at various institutions.

Other research areas include:

  • Qualitative representations and reasoning, for capturing both everyday reasoning and expert reasoning about quantities, space, time, and causality.
  • Sketch understanding, to create systems that can participate in sketching with people, and to model how visual, spatial, and conceptual processing combine to understand sketches.
  • Analogical reasoning and learning, for being able to reason with, and learn from, examples and stories.
  • Learning by reading, to discover how systems can extend their knowledge by understanding texts and diagrams.
  • How our progress in AI and cognitive science can be used to create new kinds of systems for education, performance support, and interactive entertainment.