Ankit tf

Ankit Agrawal (EECS Postdoctoral Fellow 09'-10'), Research Associate Professor and Alok Choudhary, John G. Searle Professor in EECS, Professor, Kellogg School of Management and Director - CUCIS, mined the recently released Medicare data for US hospitals containing hospital billing and Medicare payments. Their paper has been previously published at KDD DMH 2013. For this specific research, they have completed a detailed analysis of twenty seven Chicago hospitals, making the following interesting observations in the course, including:

        - Chicago is in general cheaper than US average in terms of medical treatment costs.

  •         - Chicago hospitals receive comparatively higher Medicare payments than US average.

        - Chicago appears to be the most active in the US when it comes to psycho- and alcohol/drug abuse cases, with relatively the highest number and the lowest cost of such treatments.

The results and discussion are available here