howard visitor1

Prof. Mohamed Chouikha, Chairman of the ECE Department at Howard University was invited to visit Northwestern (along with one of his students) during the TGS Introduction to Graduate Education event on Thursday, April 24, 2014.

The two day long workshop encouraged minority applicants in STEM Sciences to choose NU for their future studies. Under invitation by TGS, EECS was invited to participate and host a mini meeting.

As a catalyst for the visit and discussion, Prof. Thrasos Pappas, EECS International Programs and Relations Committee Chair visited University of Maryland Baltimore County and Howard University last Fall. He spent a full day at each institution presenting seminars and meeting with faculty and students.

EECS is taking a leading roll in providing resources and initiative to bring in underrepresented groups of students.

The diversity committee actively recruited minority and other diversity students in order to continue building a strong presence within EECS at NU. Two of the minority applicants were nominated for, and received, TGS Diversity Fellowships, and one of the two has accepted our offer to join Northwestern in the Fall.

Prof. Matthew Grayson, EECS International Programs and Relations Director and Prof. Allen Taflove lead a panel discussion on technology's effect within our society. Prof. Grayson also produced a performance of his play, "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs," for the audience.

Prof. Taflove, and Prof. Alan Sahakian, EECS Department Chair provided key financial and other support during the recruiting process.

In the future, EECS plans to expand contacts with predominant minority institutions, in order to increase the pool of minority applicants.