Manijeh Razeghi, Walter P. Murphy Professor was Session Chair and an Invited Speaker presenting “High Performance III-Nitride Based Deep UV Photonic Devices on Silicon Substrates”, at the Collaborative Conference on Materials Research (CCMR) 2014, held June 23-27 in Seoul, South Korea.

CCMR is an interdisciplinary forum for the open communication in understanding physical, chemical, and biological materials of any compositions and morphologies, including carbon nanotubes, graphene, nanoparticles, nanowires, and quantum dots. Materials research, the sciences and technologies for the generation, processing, and fabrication of materials, is where disciplines merge and where they diverge into a remarkable range of applications from electronics to health care that touch, or will soon touch, the lives of millions.

Prof. Razeghi was also an Invited Speaker for the “Electro-Optical Imaging Systems: Technology and Applications” session and also part of the Scientific Organizing Committee at the at the Sabanci University Microelectronics Workshop, held June 19-20, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. She presented her talk, “Terahertz to Deep UV , Science and Technology for Space Application.”

The Sabanci University Microelectronics Workshop focuses on microelectronics, from technology to circuits and systems perspective, and its applications on sensing and processing electronic systems for space applications. Ever increasing space applications are demanding more challenges to be met by microelectronics technology/circuits/systems, especially for autonomous, flexible and reliable systems in space. In this workshop, the aim is to address some of following challenges through invited lectures given by world-renowned experts in their respective fields from academia, industries and research institutions.