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Alok N. Choudhary
John G. Searle Professor and Henry and Isabelle Dever Professor, EECS Dept, McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Sciences; Professor, Kellogg School of Management; Director - Center for Ultra-Scale Computing & Information Security
High-performance computing, data intensive computing, scalable data mining, computer architecture, high-performance I/O systems and software, their applications in many domains incl. information processing (data mining, CRM, BI) and scientific computing
CS - Computer Science
Jie Gu
Assistant Professor
VLSI and Mixed-signal Integrated-circuit Design, Emerging Device Modeling and Integration, Ultra-low Power Medical Device and Energy Harvesting, 3D IC Integration
Nikos Hardavellas
Assistant Professor, June and Donald Brewer Junior Professor
Parallel computer architecture, multicore and multiprocessor architecture, microarchitecture, memory systems, computer systems, runtime environments, data-intensive high-performance computing, database systems, optical interconnects, dark silicon
CS - Computer Science
Lawrence Henschen
Wireless sensor networks and programming; human-computer interaction (HCI) and universal access; document format systems and interoperability
CS - Computer Science
Russ Joseph
Associate Professor
Computer architecture, microprocessor design for reliability and variability tolerance, system software for multicore (CMP) architectures, power-aware computing
CS - Computer Science
Wei-Chung Lin
Associate Professor
Pattern recognition, neural networks, and computer graphics
Seda Ogrenci Memik
Associate Professor
Computer Aided Design, Computer Architecture, Thermal-Aware Synthesis, Automated Design of Thermal Sensor Infrastructures for Complex Systems, Reconfigurable Architectures and Synthesis Tools
Gokhan Memik
Associate Professor
Computer architecture, microarchitecture, computer systems, design automation, power and reliability aware architectures, on-chip interconnect, embedded systems
CS - Computer Science
Chi-Haur Wu
Associate Professor
Industrial robotics, Interactive robotics
EE - Electrical Engineering
Hai Zhou
Associate Professor
algorithms, optimization, formal methods, and their applications to VLSI CAD, security, and embedded systems
CS - Computer Science