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CS Faculty Name / Title Research Interests Secondary Academic Division
Brenna D. Argall
June and Donald Brewer Junior Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Joint with PM&R (Feinberg)
machine learning, control and robotics, artificial intelligence
Larry Birnbaum
Artificial Intelligence, HCI, natural language processing, case-based reasoning, machine learning
Fabián E Bustamante
Distributed systems, networking, wireless and operating systems
Yan Chen
security, networking, and distributed systems
CE - Computer Engineering
Oliver (Ollie) S. Cossairt
Lisa Wissner-Slivka and Benjamin Slivka Junior Professor of Computer Science
Computational Photography/Imaging, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Optics, Displays
EE - Electrical Engineering
Anindya De
Adjunct Professor, Assistant Professor (Starting in September 2015)
Complexity theory, Analysis of Boolean functions, Learning theory, Applied probability
Peter A Dinda
Experimental computer systems, broadly construed, presently including: virtualization, empathic systems, distributed and parallel systems, languages and programming systems for parallel, distributed and sensor network computing, and performance analysis
CE - Computer Engineering
Doug Downey
Associate Professor
machine Learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, information retrieval, information extraction
Jennie Duggan
Assistant Professor
Scientific data management, database workload modeling, cloud computing
CE - Computer Engineering
Robby Findler
Associate Professor
Programming languages and software engineering
Kenneth D Forbus
Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, HCI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sketch Understanding, Cognitive Architecture
Kristian Hammond
Artificial Intelligence
Jason D Hartline
Associate Professor in EECS, with a Courtesy Appointment in Kellogg, Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences Department
Theoretical computer science, game theory, economics, and algorithms
Michael Horn
Assistant Professor
human-computer interaction (HCI), tangible interaction, multi-touch interaction, use of emerging technologies in learning settings
Ian Horswill
Associate Professor
AI: modeling and simulation of emotion, personality, and social behavior for virtual characters for games and interactive narrative
Ming-Yang Kao
Applications, Design, Analysis, and Implementation of Algorithms
Aleksandar Kuzmanovic
Associate Professor, Lisa Wissner-Slivka and Benjamin Slivka Chair in Computer Science
Bryan Pardo
Associate Professor
Machine learning, artificial intelligence, auditory user interfaces, music processing, multimedia, human-computer interaction (HCI)
EE - Electrical Engineering
Chris Riesbeck
Associate Professor
Interactive learning environments
Sara Owsley Sood
Clinical Associate Professor
Goce Trajcevski
Assistant Chairman / Senior Lecturer
Spatio-temporal and mobile data management, triggers and reactive behavior, wireless sensor networks
CE - Computer Engineering
Jack Tumblin
Associate Professor
Computational photography and illumination, Computer Vision, Graphics, Image Processing, Signal Processing, User Interface, GIM, interactive media
EE - Electrical Engineering
Aravindan Vijayaraghavan
Adjunct Professor, Assistant Professor (Starting in September 2015)
Combinatorial Optimization, Beyond Worst-Case Analysis, Theoretical Machine Learning
Uri Wilensky
Professor, Joint appointment with Education and Social Policy
Agent-based Modeling, Complex Systems, Learning Technologies
Haoqi Zhang
Assistant Professor in EECS and the Segal Design Institute (Joint Appointment)
Crowdsourcing, social computing, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, microeconomics, applied machine learning