Faculty with research interest in solid state & photonics

Faculty whose main research interests include the design, analysis, and proof-of-concept development of solid-state and photonic devices and systems.

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Faculty Name / Title Research Interests
Koray Aydin
Assistant Professor
metamaterials, plasmonics, nanophotonic devices, solid-state optoelectronics, photovoltaics, nanofabrication, optics and photonics, electromagnetic simulations.
Matthew Grayson
Associate Professor
semiconductor nanosystems: solid state electronics, quantum wires, quantum wells, quantum Hall effect, thermoelectrics, thermal management
Seng-Tiong Ho
Prem Kumar
Professor; AT&T Professor of Information Technology Director of Center for Photonic Communication and Computing
Photonics; Quantum; Optics; Fiberoptics; Communications; Cryptography; Sensing; Imaging; Metrology
Chang Liu
Professor (Joint with Mechanical Engineering)
Microfabrication technology, nanofabrication, bioinspired sensors, and smart integrated systems
Hooman Mohseni
Single photon detectors, electrooptical modulators, photonic integrated circuits, nano-photonics
Martin Plonus
Professor Emeritus
Electromagnetic theory, propagation through turbulent media, optical communication, optical imaging in atmospheric turbulence
Manijeh Razeghi
Walter P. Murphy Professor; Director of Center for Quantum Devices
Compound semiconductor science and nanotechnology
Selim Shahriar
Optically induced spin transitions, nanolithography, optical data storage, and optical phase conjugation as well as quantum computing and quantum teleportation
Horace Yuen
quantum optics