database manager

Consolidated Pathology Consultants is currently recruiting candidates for a Database Manager position. They are a medical laboratory, a heavily data driven operation, which is accomplished by their laboratory information system (LIS) called "Harvest", which uses a 4D database. 

Recently, a new application (Copia) is installed, which bridges the Harvest and outside (such as placing orders and result delivery) and is a browser based application, and it uses SQL database.  Unfortunately, the Copia's SQL database replicates only part of the data from 4D.  For the shortfalls, they have a separate home grown SQL database getting all important information from 4D directly to perform other important jobs, such as a billing, an application that they wrote.

From the laboratory operation point of view, they are relatively small, but they have to be able to compete with all national laboratories.  In order to achieve that, they are quite innovative (and with lots of fun) in our workflow design by incorporating self designed IT solutions, i.e. they are not just another regular medical laboratory that you frequently encountered in a hospital setting.

Their IT staff needs to be able to support the following functions:

1. Internal hardware maintenance, such as printer, PC, scanner, switches, telephone.

2. Internal network and security, including email.

3. Two major LIS applications, one billing application, client services application, and several other small but crucial applications for workflow process (mostly developed by ourselves).

4. Numerous interfaces with outside doctor offices' electronic medical records through HL7.

They realize it is very difficult, almost impossible, to find a suitable person that can speak the languages of medicine, medical laboratory regulatory issue and computer science.  By talking to other IT companies, and from their own experiences, it is better to teach medical knowledge to a person with IT background to fulfill the role, not the other way around.

They would like to see my next IT staff with the following qualifications:

1. Good knowledge of network, security, and backup issues, we use mostly Microsoft products for server operation.

2. Familiar with Java, JavaScript, Python and one of the higher level languages, such as C+, C++, or C#.

3. Good knowledge of SQL and database in general.

Other knowledge, such as HL7 protocol, interface engine application, regulatory issues, medical technical issues, will be taught by us to this person in a progressive way.

The position start date begins tentitively sometimes around September or October. The starting salary is around $70,000 plus full benefits (health, retirement, disability; which worth around 15 to 18K). If things work out well, the employee should expect to receive a good raise.  There is no gender or race preference.


Please forward resume and references to:

Consolidated Pathology Consultants, S.C.
28100 N. Ashley Circle, Suite 106 
Libertyville, IL 60048
ATTN: Human Resources


Questions? Please contact David Wang, M.D., Ph.D. for more info.