Scatter is looking for interns to assist in further developing their platform. Their platform is the world's first cloud privacy file system, focused on improving object privacy, security, and resiliency in the cloud. They have a working platform and users, they will begin a formal beta in October. They recently were accepted into the Acceleprise accelerator in Washington D.C., for which they received some investment, an office, and some really good direction and sponsorship.  

This would be a distributed team project.  

Who are they looking for?

They are looking for students that are familiar with Python, JavaScript, DHTML, Jquery, etc.

People who are familiar with storage platforms and data structures are a plus.

They are also looking for students who are well versed in cloud infrastructure management (AWS, Rackspace, etc.)

Scatter is a SaaS privacy & security engine that makes cloud data storage more secure, private and compliant with data protection laws and regulations. Scatter goes beyond encryption to provide a transparent SaaS interface that ensures that your data transactions with the cloud are secure, private and fail-safe.

Scatter solves the conflict individuals, businesses and organizations have between wanting all the benefits of cloud storage, its ease of use, convenience and cost savings, while rightfully worrying that despite what the providers say they are inevitably exposing their data to the provider or any criminals who may compromise the provider, or government.

The positions are immediately available and are flexible.

Interested? To learn more, please contact: Kurtis Minder, (847)-902-3325,