img group

Northwestern University Investment Management Group (IMG) is looking for a webmaster to fulfill the following primary responsibilities.

  • Maintain website.
  • Generate, revise and design web pages.
  • Update biography information.
  • Create and modify appearance and setting of site.
  • Lay out content on web pages.
  • Test websites to see if there are any parts that are difficult to use.
  • Meet with designers to agree on site's design.
  • Fix links that don't work and pictures that aren't appearing properly.
  • Decide how site's content will be delivered to the Internet.
  • Keep files small so sites load faster.
  • Test different browsers and ensure people with different computers can access a website.

IMG is a student run organization dedicated to those who have an interest in investment. The group seeks to expose students to the professional world of finance through simulations of business practices, informative workshops, as well as lectures from both professors and company representatives. IMG serves as a unique and valuable medium through which dedicated students can find both guidance and networking potential for their future.

IMG is dedicated to providing undergraduate students with education, resources and networking opportunities to further their interest in finance and investment.

Direct inquiries to NU Undergrad Emma Myers,