Kristian Hammond, Professor was used as an guest expert for an audio interview for the Market Place Morning Report, as part of the Marketplace Tech article, titled, "Chicago America's funniest city?" by Ben Johnson, published on Tuesday, Aptil 22, 2014.

Prof. Hammond, who is Chief Scientist at Narrative Science was interviewed regarding algorithms that can identify humor and turn datasets into stories that to the uninformed, appear to be written by humans. He made a prediction that within a year there will be a comedic engine that will fill up a niche in the comedic market.

Narrative Science began life as a Northwestern University research project called StatsMonkey. The software was developed by Northwestern computer science students and journalism students who were advised by Prof. Hammond and Larry Birnbaum, both co-directors of the Intelligent Information Laboratory, whose purpose is to take a revolutionary approach to business analytics and natural language communication. Narrative Science was incorporated in January 2010 and the lab was able to built an entirely new, patented artificial intelligence authoring platform that we named Quill.

Listen to the audio interview below