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Koray Aydin

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Assistant Professor
metamaterials, plasmonics, nanophotonic devices, solid-state optoelectronics, photovoltaics, nanofabrication, optics and photonics, electromagnetic simulations.

My research is focused on the broad area of nanophotonics, an emerging research area strategically positioned at the intersection of electrical engineering, applied physics, materials science and nanoscience. Specifically, I am investigating optical metamaterials, plasmonics and solid-state nanophotonics to understand the fundamentals of light-mater interactions at the nanoscale and to control and engineer these interactions to our will. My ultimate aim is to design, fabricate and realize metamaterials and nanophotonic devices with novel optical and photonic functionalities. 

In my group, we are particularly motivated towards addressing the challenges in and providing solutions for energy, health and defense needs of the society. To this end, we are developing nanophotonic devices and materials including highly efficient, low-cost solar cells, extremely sensitive nanooptical biosensors, active metamaterial based ultra-small optical filters and modulators and flexible, stretchable nanophotonic device platforms.

Academic Faculty
EE - Electrical Engineering


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