• Instructors: Prof. Haoqi Zhang
  • Wednesday (9/25/2013): [slides] course overview: computers, algorithms, the internet, human computer interaction, vision, emotion

  • Instructors: Prof. Haoqi Zhang and Prof. Jason Hartline
  • Monday (9/30/2013):[slides] history, evolution, genetics, societies, the brain, digital computers
  • Wednesday (10/2/2013):[slides] theory of computation, universality, duality, Turing machines, halting problem

bryan pardo2012
  • Instructor: Prof. Bryan Pardo
  • Monday (10/14/2013): [slides] artificial intelligence (AI), turing test, Watson
  • Wednesday (10/16/2013): [slides] machine learning, classification, spam filtering

  • Instructor: Prof. Haoqi Zhang
  • Monday (11/4/2013): [slides] GUI, Usability, Prototyping
  • Wednesday (11/6/2013): Midterm review

  • Instructor: Prof. Nicole Immorlica
  • Monday (11/11/2013): [slides] science of the web, ranking, voting
  • Wednesday (11/13/2013): [slides] web 2.0 and beyond, cumulative advantage, information cascades