Attention graduating seniors/recent alumni: There is currently a 2-year Research Assistant position available at the Child Mind Institute in New York City, under the direction of Michael Milham, MD PhD.


Organizational Summary:

The Child Mind Institute (CMI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming mental health care for children everywhere. We are committed to finding more effective treatments for childhood psychiatric and learning disorders, building the science of healthy brain development, and empowering families with help, hope and answers.

CMI makes use of innovative MRI- and EEG-based imaging approaches to characterize brain maturation across the lifespan, with a particular focus on understanding the impact of psychiatric illnesses on maturational processes. Additionally, CMI is dedicated to the support of open-datasharing initiatives, such as the 1000 Functional Connectomes Project.

Job Summary:

The Child Mind Institute is recruiting a Research Assistant to assist in a number of initiatives underway, as we work to integrate research into our clinical practice. Responsibilities will include: 1) assistance in the development of informatics systems and tools, which are being designed to specifically capture relevant data in a standardized way across clinical centers, 2) conduct of electroencephalography (EEG) studies, and assistance with the analysis of data, 3) coordination of functional MRI-based imaging efforts. Applications are currently being invited for a 2-year position available at the Child Mind Institute, under the direction of Michael Milham, MD PhD. The CMI fosters a collaborative environment where research assistants have the opportunity to gain excellent clinical and research experience, with the potential for publication.


  • Assist in EMR system development and maintenance activities
  • Assist with database development and management
  • Work closely with the clinical-research integration team to understand workflow and organizational goals
  • Work with brain imaging and electrophysiology researchers to carry out data-collection and analysis that include EMR outputs
  • Facilitate open science data-sharing initiatives
  • Prior research experience preferred
  • Good understanding of information technology oriented methods and approaches
  • Programming experience with one or more languages (Python, Matlab, C/C++ or SQL)
  • Strong interpersonal skills, as well as strong written and oral communication


Anticipated start date: June 2015

For more detailed information and the online application form, please visit:

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