Director, Computer Engineering Division

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Northwestern University



Also affiliated with

Center for Ultra Scale Computing and Information Security (CUCIS) and

Center for Engineering and Health






Tech Building, L475 (map to office)

Dept. of EECS
2145 Sheridan Road

Evanston, IL 60208-3118
Phone: (847) 467-1168

Fax: (847) 467-4144


Tech Building, L458

Phone: (847) 467-4610


Research Interest: Computer Architecture/Microarchitecture

My research is at the intersections of computer architecture, computer systems, and manufacturing technologies.


Our recent work focuses on incorporating holistic effects into architectural design process (e.g., investigating the impact of architectures on users, utilizing biological information to make architectural decisions, monitoring users and correlating their activities with low-level information), emerging technologies and architectures utilizing them (e.g., novel non-volatile memory devices), and physical-aware architectures (architectures for minimizing the power consumption, reducing operating temperatures, and mitigating the effects of process variations).


The best way to learn about my recent work is to browse through the publications in my group (Full list of publications).


Graduate Students Advised/Co-advised

Begum Birsen Egilmez, PhD

Emirhan Poyraz, PhD

David Nguyen, PhD




- Majed Valad Beigi, 2019

Thesis title: Thermal-aware Optimizations for Emerging Technologies in 3D-Stacked Chips. Position: University of Chicago

- Kaicheng Zhang, (co-advised with S. Ogrenci-Memik), 2017

Thesis title: Thermal-aware Task Management for High Performance Systems. Position: Two Sigma

- Matt Schuchhardt, 2015

Thesis title: User-Aware System Design and Optimization. Position: 4C

- Benjamin Scholbrock, 2013

Thesis title: User-Centric Computer System Analysis. Position: Intel

- Prabhat Kumar (co-advised with Prof. A. Choudhary), 2012

Thesis title: High Performance Data Mining on Heterogeneous Platforms. Position: NVidia

- Pan Yan, 2011

Thesis title: Leveraging Nanophotonics in Future Many-core Processors. Position: Technology Department at Globalfoundries

- Abhishek Das (co-advised with Prof. A. Choudhary), 2010

Thesis title: Microarchitectural Approaches for Optimizing Power and Profitability in Multicore Processors. Position: Intel

- Alex Shye, 2010

Thesis title: Incorporating the End User in Computer Design and Optimization. Position: Qualcomm Research, Bay Area R&D.

- Yu Zhang, 2010

Thesis title: Adaptive On-Chip Networks and Their Impact on Processor Architectures. Position: Research and Development Department, Bloomberg L.P.

- Serkan Ozdemir, 2009

Thesis Title: Mitigating the Effects of Process Variations through Microarchitectural Techniques. Position: Intel Barcelona Research Center

- Berkin Ozisikyilmaz (co-advised with Prof. A. Choudhary), 2009

Thesis title: Analysis, Characterization and Design of Data Mining Applications and Applications to Computer Architecture. Position: NetApp

- Arindam Mallik, 2008

Thesis Title: Holistic Computer Architectures based on Application, User, and Process Characteristics. Position: IMEC



- Ajit M. Hunsur, 2014

Thesis title: Memory Mapping in Heterogeneous Multi-Core Architectures

- Bhargavraj Patel (co-advised with Prof. N. Hardavellas), 2013

Thesis Title: Exploring Compressed Cache to Implement Efficient Hardware Prefetcher for Multicore Processors

- Emre Karaman, 2012

Thesis Title: GPU Implementation of Action Potential Cardiac Computer Simulations

- Utku Pamuksuz, 2011

Thesis Title: EasyPupil: A Poor Manís Pupil Dilation Measurement System

- Anitha Mohan (co-advised with Prof. S. O. Memik), 2010

Thesis Title: Yield improvement using cache SRAM array supply lowering and selective wordline voltage boosting mechanisms

- Matthew Erler (co-advised with Prof. Y. Ismail), 2007

Thesis Title: TAP Cache: Temperature-Aware Placement for Caches

- David Nguyen, 2005

Thesis Title: Reconfigurable Architectures For Network Intrusion Detection